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7 Original Information Technology Research Paper Topics

It seems like everyone is majoring in IT these days, and lots of people are focusing on it in terms of graduate and post graduate work as well. That’s great, because it means the industry is alive and well, however, it’s problematic when trying to pick an original research paper topic. That’s because there are so many people writing about information technology these days. Here are some original topic ideas to get you started:

  1. Long Term Effects of Information Technology
  2. The great thing about choosing the effects of information technology as a research paper topic is that there are many different directions that the topic can take. You can discuss the effects of information technology on medicine, on youth culture, on education, on popular culture, on psychology, and much more. It’s a pretty easy topic to formulate an original perspective about, so it’s our top choice.

  3. Problems Information Technology Causes
  4. This is a great topic for an IT student to approach, because many of the people writing about the so-called problems of information technology are actually not educated about it. By taking a clear and educated stance on some of the problems it can cause, you can make this topic original.

  5. Social Media and Socialization
  6. Social media is a hot topic in IT because of the way it changes the way people interact with one another. And the wonderful thing about this topic is that social media is evolving so quickly that this is always a fresh topic, so long as the student is including current, up to date information.

  7. Control of Internet Access by Dictatorships
  8. In countries like China and North Korea, the governments attempt to control the access that common people have to the internet. A profound topic to investigate, even as first world countries begin to limit freedom as well.

  9. Mobile Internet Access
  10. Smartphones are changing the world as much as PCs did—a great topic to explore!

  11. IT and Globalization
  12. This is another topic which evolves so quickly that it is always fresh and original, so long as the student is seeking out cutting edge sources for their research paper.

  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. There are so many different intriguing perspectives that a student can research in regards to AI, and there is a lot of current research that is breaking the bounds of what we formerly believed possible.

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