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Abnormal Psychology Term Paper Ideas: 15 Unique Title Examples

In tertiary learning institutions, a lot is studied because at the end of the day, professionals who can partake on practical skills are needed. These are professionals in medical field such as psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, lawyers, teachers and many others. However, before one can be christened a scholar or a professional psychologist through the award of degree, something must be fulfilled. Students are required to meet certain obligations while in school. One of such requirements is production of a dependable and verifiable term paper. The question however is how are students supposed to keep up with such demands? What about those students of psychology, who study complex human behavior such as neurological functions, cognitions and everything about brain activity? Suppose your next term paper is about an abnormal psychology topic, how will you endeavor to tackle it? Well, this is a branch of psychology that deals with abnormalities in human behavior such as emotional disorders, repulsive behaviors, compulsions in sexual activity and many more. In this article, we start your thinking off by brainstorming you on a few topic suggestions that would consequently help you formulate a great paper. Here they are:

  • A case study of Autism Spectrum disorder in the United States. The cases of autism especially among children in different parts of the world have remained on the rise and this begs the question; what cause this abnormal behavior? As a psychology student, this is a topic you can investigate through case study.

  • A case study of eating disorder. This is also another abnormal occurrence worth investigation.

  • Bipolar Disorder is also another case of psychological occurrences. You can formulate a good topic on this with a special emphasis on the case studies and statistics in a given part of the world.

  • Borderline Personality disorder: You can compare two studies that have invested this disorder in a term paper in order to come up with a persuasive stance based on your finding.

  • Sleep walking disorder in middle age children.

  • A case study of anxiety disorder among the aged.

  • A psychotherapeutic approach in investigation self-harm disorder.

  • An investigation into the lives of those with self harm disorder-what does the future hold for them?

  • The case of bloodletting-Investigating challenges in counseling.

  • The necessity for cognitive behavior counseling: Is therapy effective?

  • An investigative study of abnormal psychology: Types and case studies.

  • Social anxiety disorder: What causes social anxiety disorder?

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