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11 Good Topics For History Research Papers

A lot of students, today, feel comfortable to choose a history topic for their research. It has a reason and a very valid one. Actually, all the history topics are very easy to research and a writer can produce a lot of arguments, which help him to draw his unique opinion or the conclusion of the topic. On the other side, the contemporary research topics are a bit difficult to research, as the things keeps on revolving regarding the topic and it is quite difficult to research.

11 good topics for history research papers:

Following is a list of 11 great history research papers that you can easily choose to write your paper:

  1. Nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Research and write about the unfortunate incident when Japan was bombarded with atomic bombs. You should also discuss the after effects of the incident.
  2. The Emperors of old Hindustan – The topic should cover the Indian subcontinent regime from the 15th to the 19th century when it was dominated by the Mughal emperors.
  3. History of Latin America – A very broad topic where the writers can talk about the historic evolution and movements of Latin America.
  4. Women world leaders – A very interesting topic where you can discuss all women leaders of the world and how they influence the politics of their particular region and also what impacts they made globally if applicable.
  5. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln– Abraham Lincoln is a famous American president who unfortunately got assassinated. The research can be done in his political career and the reasons behind his assassination.
  6. The Russian Revolution – The Russian revolution has a very special place in the history of the world and had great impacts on the political scenario of the world. It can be a good topic to discuss with a lot of arguments.
  7. Indian independence movement – The writers here can discuss about how the Indian independence movement started and what was achieved as a result of this movement.
  8. Most influential world leaders – Talk about the most influential leaders who made a global impact through their politics.
  9. World War I and II – These are the tragic incidents and have a lot to research about.
  10. 9/11 attacks – These attacks changed the scenario of the entire world and have a lot of scope for research.
  11. History of world religions – Research here about the evolution of different religions of the world.

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