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Rethinking great world events for history term paper topics

There are two types of sources of data when doing a research. These are: Primary and Secondary. Therefore, you need to differentiate between these sources.

Primary Sources

In history, primary sources of data are documents which were written during the period when the content you are writing on happened. It could be a document created by someone who was there during the period when the issue happened. For instance, if you are writing about a story that happened in Chicago 1900 – 1920, the primary sources of data could be:

  • Music and films that were created during that time
  • Autobiographies which were written during that time
  • Newspapers which were there during that time
  • Novels and story books which were written during that period
  • Settlement housing records
  • Accurate census records recorded during that time
  • Traditional maps that were made during that period
  • Recorded radio shows
  • Records on mechanical system used to move dead animals bodies
  • Oral stories from people who were alive back then

These are not the only items that can be used for primary data. Other items that can be used efficiently are cartoons and written materials. Ideally, anything that can give you information of that time can be classified as primary source of data provided it was written during that time.

Another important point that needs to be considered is that books, newspaper materials and other stories written after that period cannot be referred to as primary data sources. This is because they were written by people after that period was over. As will be seen, that is secondary information.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources of historical data refers to materials that were written after that period of time. Mostly, these were written by historians who probably used primary data. When using secondary data, you should cross-reference to ensure that you have accurate information.


Once you have your data (both primary and secondary), you are now ready to start working. You should not start working unless you have enough materials though you can add new ones as you go. A librarian is an important asset who can give you a lot of information depending on the problem that you go through. Remember that there are times you can get materials but you are unsure whether they are primary or secondary.

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