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Considering Tough Issues: Immigration Paper Topics

Immigration is a hot topic that has multiple issues up for discussion. Finding a good topic may include brainstorming, conducting light research and narrowing down your options. If you are not familiar with this subject matter you may want to do some research to learn about trending topics, current events and related issues involving children and adults. When considering tough issues there are topics to consider that can raise awareness, be difficult to discuss due to subject matter and overall, provide more understanding of something many people do not care to discuss.

The following prompts may be helpful in creating a good immigration topic for research paper writing:

  • When did immigration start in other countries? Who were some of the first settlers in different countries? Did certain wars effect how people emigrated from one country to another?
  • Illegal immigration. If it is wrong to enter into another country illegally, why do people still do this? How many people are estimated to illegally migrate into a country each year? Should illegal immigrants have the same rights as those who are legal citizens in the same country? What are consequences of entering into a country illegally?
  • How do the media have an impact on illegal immigrants? Should a country help illegal immigrants’ lead better lives or should they immediately be sent back to their country? Is the government doing enough to stop illegal immigration?
  • What are factors that make people want to leave their home country and enter a new one? What risks are being faced when people decide to leave their home country? If elements such as financial security, employment, violence and poverty affect you, would you consider migrating to another country and how would you do this?
  • How does immigration affect children and cultural development? What should happen to parents that allow their child to cross a border into another country on their own? Why does the United States see such a large number of children illegally entering the country from Mexico?
  • Which countries are most often to see this kind of activity? How does immigration affect a country’s growth pattern? How does immigration affect certain parts of the world? Comparing numbers of people: the population of the United States versus the number of immigrants the country has seen in recent years.

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