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Researcher’s Responsibility

The researcher has a responsibility toward human safety and ethical work practices. According to the Ethics Resource Center, and a survey based upon the guidelines of CSRO AAPOR and NCPP, before developing a survey the researcher should conduct a needs analysis which will provide background information. This helps the researcher to gain information regarding the client to be surveyed and the resources a client has at stake to determine the purpose of the survey. The researcher must also work to select a sample that adequately and reasonably represents the sample or population that the researcher is interested in. There are many sample designs including random, convenience and panels that may meet this need. In a random sample to ensure adequacy and reasonableness it is important to ensure that all sample members have an equal opportunity of being selected for purposes of the study.

Explaining why each individual was selected is important for this. To ensure the adequacy and ethical integrity of questions, the questions will ask one question of a time, and must not be threatening to the participants. Further, the language must be simple so that participants can understand the questions, and may not be leading. They must be designed and coded appropriately for statistical analysis and relevant to the survey. Pilot testing of the questions can help reduce response errors and increase the validity and reliability of the sample and survey responses.

Before analysis, to ensure correct analysis, a significance level can be assigned each of the questions. This will help with reliability and validity of the information presented for the final review of the study. The final phase of the study is the report writing process. The report writing process is a process of reporting findings. Major elements of this process include disclosing to the client the dates of the data collection, the purpose of the research, the methodology that is employed, the sample size and any weighting that may be done for the study. Further, a discussion of the results may be employed to each of the study participants. Study participants may also receive a consent form. In this form the research participants must be assured of the confidentiality of the study, including their personal information, their name, and the confidentiality of any materials or information gained from the study.

Data Analysis Techniques Employed and Why

To provide validity for the study, it is necessary for the researcher to conduct several checks to ensure that information is collected with regard to verification and interpretation of the data collected from research participants. The researcher needs to verify interpretations. A member of the staff will be asked to review survey questions to ensure they are appropriate to the survey goals, missing and objectives so that questions are targeted and focused. Surveys that are not completed fully will not be incorporated for inclusion into the study.

It is possible to weight all information collected. The sample weight is equivalent to the number of individuals in a target population that the sample represents. An unweighted mean of sample, according to may not result in unbiased information. Thus, it may be important to weight information to result in the most efficient and reliable means of evaluating the data provided for this study. Simple random surveys are the simplest to design, and thus will be used for this survey as this sample survey involves a short sampling period and a relatively small sample size. No national information is being collected. As a result of the small sample size and localized data collection, it will not be possible to generalize the results of the information for this sample to the population at large. However, it will be possible to generalize the information to like populations, including similar-size academic institutions that struggle with bullying.

Information for this survey will be stored on computer data files so that it can be readily accessed by the researcher. By storing the information on computer files it can also be easily analyzed and evaluated for purposes of the study.

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