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5 Religion Term Paper Ideas You Should Consider

Term paper projects can be fascinating, especially if you choose a topic of interest to you. The researching and thinking that goes into crafting an exceptional term paper can be meaningful and memorable. The joy of writing a term paper can be challenging for students who have difficulty deciding on a topic. Students who are studying religions often have so many topics to consider that they have difficulty narrowing them down to just one. If you need help creating a topic for your religion term paper, here are five ideas you can consider:

  1. 1.Books of the Bible. If you are in need of a topic for a paper on Christianity, you can always focus on a book in The Bible. Some of the books are also in the Jewish Torah, which can make the book even more interesting to study. You could look at the different categories of books as well as the authors of the different books.
  2. 2. Creation stories. These are fascinating stories that show similarities between cultures that were separated by thousands of miles and in many cases, by immense bodies of water. There are several different types of creation stories and each type could be its own research paper topic.
  3. 3. Female figure in religion. Men and women often have varying roles in religious stories, studies, and practices. It can be fascinating to look the differing roles of women in religions around the world. If you choose to write about women in religion, you can look at the major world religions or even the smaller, localized religions.
  4. 4. Eastern religions. The eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism are quite different from Christianity and Judaism that are better known in the Western world. It can be fascinating to look at Buddhism and the way it is practiced in different countries or to look at the many gods in Hinduism and how they interact with each other. Many students are inspired by researching the Muslim faith as well as the role of yoga in the Hindu religion.
  5. 5. Religious figures. This can be a fascinating topic for students, but it can be overwhelming to pick just one religious figure. So many religions rely on the teachings of important figures, so you can always start with the names that are best known around the world. If you want to broaden your horizons, you can always look at a lesser known figure, too.

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