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Contemporary criminology topics for research papers

Criminology examines different crimes and how they are committed. This field explores ways to prevent crimes and provides further insight on why they occur. Students in this field learn the history of different crimes along with aspects of human behavior. When seeking topic ideas for research paper writing it helps to think about credible sources necessary and what other details you want to learn about the subject in question. The following points are a few criminology topic ideas to help you create your own.

  • Gangs. How are gangs formed and why do they commit such tragic crimes? How ways people are get initiated into a gang? What commonly happens when someone snitches or tries to leave a gang? Where does the most gang activity occur? What are crimes committed by gang members? At what age does gang activity begin?
  • Hacking and hackers. How are hackers able to tap into “secure” networks and websites? Which types of websites and networks are most vulnerable for hacking? What type of equipment and knowledge hackers have in order to commit cybercrimes? What are different types of cybercrimes committed people may not know about?
  • Serial killers. How can a person kill someone only to want to do it again? How did the term “serial killer” come about? What are some of the most prolific serial killers to date? Why do some have a pattern when they commit such acts? What are reasons given behind why serial killers committed murders?
  • Shoplifting. As a form of stealing, is this characteristic known to be hereditary? What are the most common items stolen from retailers? How much money is lost annually due to shoplifting? How much money is spent on efforts to reduce this action?
  • Working with criminals. What is circumstances law enforcement officials work with criminals to solve crimes? What are reasons why some offenders become a law enforcement official?
  • Murders and mass murders. How does law enforcement process a murder scene? Are mass murders solved in the same capacity as an individual murder? How much does it cost to solve a murder? What evidence is necessary to charge a person with murder? How does law enforcement know when a person of interest is lying about their involvement in a murder?
  • Forensics. How does DNA play an important role in helping clear people of crimes such as murder and rape? How does technology involved in fingerprinting work?

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