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at the academic level doesn’t take that much work.

Most students are afraid of assignments like this because of the stress and frustration that’s commonly associated with paper writing. If you want to create a fantastic academic research paper with little stress and an efficient work process, you’re reading the right article. You’re going to learn tips on how to be more productive, ways to manage your time, and the steps to writing a research paper the proper way to make the most of the time you have.

Where to find a list of high school research paper topics for free usage 

Finding research paper topics for high school is easy. Most high school research papers that are assigned aren’t really about the paper, but about demonstrating the process of writing a research paper. Here are some great high school research paper topics, organized by subject:


  • Controversies make great research paper topics because there are plenty of sources about them. One great topic is “Who was William Shakespeare?” The mysteries surrounding the man who wrote the plays we attribute to him are very complex and intriguing.
  • Historical and cultural context surrounding a work of literature can also be great material for research papers. For example, “Les Miserables and the French Revolution” provides the student with plenty to research and write about.
  • Biographical research papers are great for nearly any subject. Check out some author’s pages on Wikipedia until you find one that interests you. Emily Dickenson, for example.


  • One of the fun things about history topics is that almost anything can be related to history given the right perspective. “How the French Revolution was Depicted in Art,” for example, if you’re an artsy type, makes for a great research paper.
  • Historical persons, of course, are another great option. To make the paper more interesting, choose a part of their life that isn’t covered in your textbook, like “Abraham Lincoln’s Life Before the Civil War.”
  • Cultural shifts, like suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, and so on, can also be great for research papers. For an on-point paper, you might want to choose one particular event, like Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her bus seat, and then explain the historical situations that led to it and the resulting effects of it.


  • Current events in the sciences are great, because there are usually plenty of easy to understand popular sources for your research. Check out what NASA is doing in the news, or some recent breakthrough in medicine.
  • If writing about scientific advances in detail is too intimidating, choose a person in the field to write about. As mentioned above, biographical topics are perfect for students in any class. Whether it’s Sir Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawkins, there are plenty of intriguing scientists to write about.
  • Relationships between two different topics can make for great papers, too. Science has impacted human history and art, for example. “How Technology Changed Warfare,” would be a great topic.

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